Williams Lake Real Estate Agent selling property, houses, buisness and all things real esate in Cariboo Chilcoting region of British Columbia from Horsefly to Likely to Puntzi Lake, Tatla Lake, Anahim Lake, Alexis Creek, Big Lake, Mioceen, Williams Lake, Quesnell Lake and all points inbetween.

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Buying or Selling Real Estate in Cariboo Chilcotin region and Williams Lake City contact Henry Van Soest.

Picking a realtor to represent your best interest is all about getting what you want with the least amount of hassle and best results, its your choice. Having an agent acting on your behalf with up-to-date tools greatly improves best outcome in searching, finding, negotation and completion of property purchase. Once you hire an agent we become your trusted advisor legally involved in all aspects of real estate transactions, helping understand Agency Law and the Real Estate Services Act providing exceptional protection and professional advise. My job is to work for you for best outcome.

Bearish about protecting your interests

Buying Real estate can be complex and varied depending on criteria. Meeting in person to determine needs and wants and develope trust is the right way to understand what you want and get to know each other the old fashion way, in person.  My goal is to develop a trust that will look after your best interest and negotiate like a bear. The ulitimate goal is to make you happy.

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Selling real estate is about what the market will bear and how fast you wish to proceed with selling.  There are no guarantees in selling anything but if the price is right buyers will be interested and a sale can be made even in the tuffest times.  Trust me to prove value of property by using examples sold including market trends.  My job is to get the maximum dollar for your real estate.

I belive in meeting face to face or with the old fashion phone to discuss your needs and wants, text & email are just too inpersonal as first contact with one of the most important transactions of your life, once we meet then technology can be used to continue the quest to buy or sell.

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